Kinshasa Chronicles

Publisher: Les éditions de l'œil

Copublishers: Le MIAM (Sète) et La Cité de l'architecture & du Patrimoine (Paris)

Edited by: Dominique Malaquais

February 2019 / 21 x 27 cm / 384 pages

In 2019, Kinshasa counts some thirteen million inhabitants. By 2075, demographers expect that it will be home to forty million more. With such numbers and from a history, both colonial and postcolonial, often marred by political and economic violence, comes a strikingly complex urban experience. Kinshasa Chronicles is a richly textured encounter with this experience: seventy artists, most of whom belong to a very young generation, meet up here to tell tales of one of the world’s most vibrant creative hubs.The mix is explosive and ultra-contemporary: passionate, engaging, thoughtful.